WhaleHunter ($MOBY) is a token, community, and platform that helps members trade with the market movers of the cryptocurrency environment (Whales). Being a whale refers to holders of large wallets. Whales often are skilled traders, have some type of insider information are gambling, or got lucky. WhaleHunter selects the proven historically successful whale wallets to trade with.

Whale trades often move the market. This is especially true for smaller cryptocurrency projects. The WhaleHunter team and its community take publicly available whale wallet addresses, analyze the wallet trading history, select those wallet addresses with a historical profitable trading history and then track that wallet’s movements. When the selected wallets make trades, WhaleHunter automated bots will trade with them.

WhaleHunter gives you real-time access to what successful market movers are buying and selling. Searching through and vetting new projects isn’t a sustainable strategy due to the limited graphical information, rapid increase in price after launch, and the sheer volume of new coins released daily.

WhaleHunter trackers identify wallets with successful historical trading histories, follow them and make trades when those wallets make trades. Using WhaleHunter means trading with the market movers. This strategy gives you priority access to buying in at a lower price prior to the general populace.

Using WhaleHunter also means securing profits. Due to the massive size of their trades, whales often exponentially increase a token’s value when entering into a project. The opposite is true when they exit a position. This downward price pressure is often compounded by a massive panic-sell-off. Automated sell features empowered by WhaleHunter mean you will be able to set a target profit percentage and sell automatically.

The WhaleHunter development team is currently working on graphical and technical analysis tools for multiple blockchains. These coin/token graphs will show the user plotted entry and exit points paired with the percentage of profit or loss. The real-tine portfolio tracker being developed will also automatically display your total wallet value (including NFT’s) for multiple blockchains.

$MOBY is listed on PancakeSwap. The process of being listed on larger exchanges such as Binance or Coinbase requires hundreds of thousands of dollars and a fully established platform. The WhaleHunter development team is starting with PancakeSwap.

WhaleHunter provides a free tier that includes limited wallet tracking. This free version has a limited number of wallets you can track, lacks access to established wallets, and is ad-supported. We want the community to benefit and as a community, we grow. Investors who take their $MOBY tokens gain access to private tiers. These premium tiers include advanced individual wallet tracking, customizable real-time alerts, personal wallet connections (automated portfolio tracking), NFT market access, automated rug-check of new coins, automated bot trading (limit orders, trailing sell orders, whale auto buy/sell)

WhaleHunter FREE

  • Free
  • Live tracking of the most whale trades
  • Tracker only available on ETH/BTC
  • Website banner ads visible

WhaleHunter Tier 1

  • Investors staking a minimum of $250 USD gain access to Tier 1 features.
  • FREE tier features
  • Addresses to the top 5 whales of the week
  • Ads disabled
  • Track and save multiple custom whale lists
  • Harpoon alerts (buys/sells) are updated every 60 seconds
  • Group whale lists
  • Aggregate Alerts (Basic Features only show single TXs. Level 2 would show you aggregate moves, say a whale spreads 500 BNB of purchases over 50 TXs, each for 10 BNB, over a 24-hour period. Whales are often smart enough not to dump in one move.)

WhaleHunter Tier 2

  • Investors staking a minimum of $500 gain access to Tier 2 features
  • All tier 1 features +
  • Plotted chart of your trading history across multiple blockchains
  • Whale-of-the-week NFT lottery access
  • Access to the NFT marketplace
  • Harpoon alerts in real-time

$MOBY holders are also empowered to govern the ecosystem and future directions of the projects through community votes. Providing a utility token with the redistribution, locked liquidity, and verifiable burn transactions is just the beginning towards financially independent freedom.

The SharkTracker is the proof-of-concept cryptocurrency wallet search engine running on the Binance smart chain (BSC) network. The SharkTracker monitors and sends alerts on up to fifteen wallet addresses at a time. Using a whale wallet address with a historical record of profits gives users the ability to trade with market movers in real-time. Future versions of the SharkTracker will integrate with automated trading bots for tiered users.

The WhaleTracker is similar to the SharkTracker. The WhaleTracker functions across multiple blockchains and shows you all the portfolio holdings of an inputted wallet address.

The portfolio tab is being built to automatically show wallet holdings in real-time across multiple blockchains. Users will be able to also select current coin profit (or loss) in percentage/BNB/ETH/BTC or Euro or USD. Linked in with the WhaleHunter trading bots you can track real-time investments in projects and make informed trading decisions.

The contract address is: 0x0c7c857ff1989987829547563cf598cc08a588a5 and is on the website or via BSC

The WhaleHunter team believes in education and knowledge sharing. The education section is where we strive to provide individuals new to the cryptocurrency environment with knowledge. This includes articles that range from the very basics to writeups of established coins.

$MOBY has a total supply of 200 million tokens. Of that 200 million tokens, 45% will be available at launch (90 million). 40% of $MOBY supply (90 million) was made available for a presale. Initial deployment of tokens included 10% for the development team and 5% for covering future marketing costs & server fees.
We designed the $MOBY token to have favorable long-term tokenomics through a low total supply, deflationary mechanisms, and holder distribution. Each transaction involving MOBY (buy, sell & transfer) is subject to a six percent tax (2% burned, 2% redistributed to holders, and 2% added to LP wallet).